Make your skin appear more than 10 years younger in just one month!**

You are ageing but it doesn’t mean that your skin has to.

A few drops of Medik8 Growth Factor Youth Activating Serum applied twice daily,
helps restore the youthful glow and radiance you enjoyed years ago.

Did you know that once that you reach the age of 25, the thickness of the epidermal layer of your skin decreases by up to 0.6% per year whilst the collagen degrades at a rate of 1.5% per year?

Medik8 EGF Serum is proven** to increase the thickness of the epidermis by up to 45% and the total collagen content of the skin by up to 20%.So, that means in just one month** the skin can look more than 10 years younger!Medik8 provides a Survival Medium for its EGF guaranteeing potency for higher activity!
Survival Medium means that Medik8 EGF Serum is free from any molecules, solvents and preservatives that can affect its stability or its activity.Medik8 EGF serum restores skin condition by keeping epidermal cells alive for longer and by boosting dermal cells proliferation, leading to:

- More even skin tone
- Improved radiance  
- Enhanced smoothness
- Improved plumpness
- Firmer skin

Medik8 Youth Activating Serum is an affordable, elegant and luxurious  serum.