Letter From Our Founder

Human overuse of natural resources has grown the point where, as a species, we are existing beyond planetary boundaries. We are living off an ecological overdraft and we need to pay down some debt, and begin living within our natural capital means.

Before starting Medik8, I spent almost 5 years backpacking around Asia - nurturing my passion for the natural world and deep respect for, and interest in, our human diversity. I was inspired into business by the trailblazing Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, who championed fair trade and pioneered the natural movement. Embarrassingly however, I was largely unaware of the harm being done by our collective overuse of fossil fuels or the mounting perils of plastic waste. My early business years took place in that temporal slack tide between the ‘age of not knowing/caring’ and the current ‘age of taking action’.

In the last decade, we started to act. Removing tonnes of plastic from our packaging, and using recycled glass in our bottles. These early initiatives led to our 2018 shift in mindset from piecemeal to crusading. We vowed to be a skincare brand of the future. A sustainable fast-growth future.

It has taken some time to develop a serious and credible plan that we hope we can deliver. A plan that will put us in the first quartile of beauty brands. A plan which will deliver for all our stakeholders. Sustainable transformation is a genuinely complex journey and is especially tricky for Medik8, a “results-first” brand where packaging is functional. Today, I am able to share that plan with you.

For the next generation, and those to follow them…