Which Treatment Should I Pick?

We all want the skin we've dreamt of. Bright, clear, lineless even. But the trouble is which treatment do we pick to help us get there? At Medik8, we keeps things simple. There are just 3 easy routes to choose from.


It's amazing what you can achieve in just 12 weeks. Sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals. So confident are we in our approach, that we have created a dedicated programme called 'Medik8 12 Weeks to WOW'. We challenge you to give us 12 weeks to visibly transform your complexion in our exclusive 'personal training for your skin' approach. Follow what our trained therapists advise and be blown away by your own skin transformation in a matter of a few months. Why not find your nearest clinic to start your journey to WOW skin today? Find a local stockist here.

Pick a Treatment 1


Chemical peels are designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin using well designed, high-strength acids. The top layers of the skin are gently exfoliated away to reveal brighter, younger-looking complexion. Medik8 has a range of time release chemical peels of different strengths and compositions to target different skin concerns such as blemishes or pigmentation. Time-Release technology means that the acids are delivered to the skin slowly, over time, to maintain a comfortable experience. Read more about having a chemical peel here or take a look at our range of professional peel treatments here. We recommend a course of 6 peels alongside a tailored at-home skincare regime for maximum visible results. Take a look at some of the participants in our 12 Weeks to WOW personal training for skin programme here to see the results you could achieve with Medik8.

Pick a Treatment 2


Alongside peels, we also offer professional facial and body treatments which are pampering in-clinic experiences that usually include steps such as exfoliation, facials, massage and moisturisation to target your specific skin concerns. Using professional-strength products in a series of treatments helps to improve skin texture and firmness while leaving skin glowing. Naturally, as inventors of the CSA Philosophy, you would expect there are vitamin C, sunscreen and vitamin A actives in all of our treatments. And there are. We even send you away with the final vitamin A step to apply at home to ensure you get the best possible result (to ensure the ingredient isn't deactivated by sunlight). Read more about our menu of professional treatments here. Which one will you try next?

Pick a Treatment 3

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