A matte white bottle of Medik8 Micellar Mousse™ stands against a white background, embodying fuss-free cleansing, with a small amount of the hydrating mousse foamed next to it.
Two white blobs of foaming rinse-off cleanser with text annotations highlight features: removes makeup and impurities, purifies skin, delivers a comfortable cleanse, and has a gentle pH-balanced formula. This Micellar Mousse™ by Medik8 ensures fuss-free cleansing for a refreshing, hydrating experience.
Hands dispensing and holding a Micellar Mousse™ by Medik8 with instructions reading: "Use every morning and evening. Pump into palm, massage into a moistened face & neck. Remove with water & pat dry for fuss-free cleansing.
A bottle of Micellar Mousse™ from Medik8 sits on a white creamy substance with green liquid. Labels point out key ingredients: olive oil-infused micelles, moringa extract, and glycerin, highlighting their benefits. This fuss-free cleansing and hydrating cleanser ensures a refreshing skincare routine.
A hand dispensing two pumps of Micellar Mousse™ by Medik8 into another hand, with text that reads "Apply 2 pumps." Perfect for fuss-free cleansing.
A white bottle with a clear plastic pump dispenser labeled "Medik8 Micellar Mousse™" stands against a plain, light background. This hydrating cleanser contains 150 ml (5.1 fl oz) of product, ideal for fuss-free cleansing.
Close-up of a white Micellar Mousse™ by Medik8 with an airy foam, smooth texture, and fine bubbles—perfect for fuss-free cleansing.
A bottle of Medik8 Micellar Mousse™, 150 ml, positioned in front of its packaging box. This hydrating cleanser ensures fuss-free cleansing with every use.

Micellar Mousse™

Purifying & Nourishing Effortless Rinse-Off Cleanser

150mL / 40ml
Micellar Mousse™

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Medik8’s beloved sumptuous cleansing mousse, designed to effortlessly elevate any cleansing experience and results with innovative skin purifying technologies.

Up to 6 weeks supply from a full size bottle when using twice a day (2 weeks' supply from a travel size).

Perfect for all skin types, from sensitive skins seeking skin comfort to those wanting powerful yet easy-to-achieve, speedy cleansing results.
Powered by advanced micellar cleansing technology for simple sunscreen and makeup removal, skin nourishment and pollution neutralisation.
Micellar Technology, Moringa Extract & Glycerin
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Wash away the day with Micellar Mousse, an ultra-gentle, hydrating cleanser that effortlessly dissolves dirt and make-up for quick, fuss-free cleansing.