Medik8 Recovery Solution


Dry skin can happen at any time. Everyone, regardless of age, knows what it feels like; whether you’ve spent all day in an air conditioned office, gone for a walk on a cold winter's day or just had a chemical peel. Many women in their 40s and 50s find it is an everyday battle regardless of being in a drying environment or having a peeling treatment. Sometimes it can feel like however much moisturiser you put on, it’s simply not enough. That’s why we wanted to go beyond simply 'dryness' and created our solution for compromised skin: Recovery.


Recovery is all about deeper, long-term nourishment and care. If your skin is feeling tight and uncomfortable or if you’re experiencing stubborn dry, flaky skin, give your complexion some serious hydration and TLC. Recovery is all about taking the time to care for your complexion and bring it back to full health.

Our Recovery solution is also perfect for reducing downtime after chemical peels and other aesthetic treatments. Our skin is at its most vulnerable during the healing process, so it is imperative to use the correct skincare to get the most out of your treatment and provide lasting care for your skin.


Most moisturisers focus on replenishing moisture into the skin. And this is crucial. However, Medik8 think differently. Our products are also designed to significantly prevent moisture loss using occlusives that lock hydration deep within the skin; completely transforming the moisturising experience for people with dryness.

Our H.E.O.® Framework (hydrators, emollients and occlusives) is used throughout the complete Medik8 range to restore balance to many different skin types. In Recovery, a solution designed for dry, damaged skin, each product receives a huge hit of all three H.E.O. components, particularly emollients and occlusives which help to mimic the skin’s natural protective barrier. You’ll never settle for a standard moisturiser again.

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Medik8 Recovery Solution