The gold-standard in anti-ageing skincare for smoother more youthful-looking skin.

Retinal vs retinol

Vitamin A comes in many different forms. There’s the tried-and-tested – retinol and retinoic acid – then there’s the next generation molecules such as retinaldehyde (retinal) and retinyl retinoate.

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Our breakthrough molecule explained

Retinol has long been hailed the gold-standard of anti-ageing. Backed up by a wealth of studies, it’s a firm favourite amongst dermatologists and skincare professionals. The advanced molecule is extremely effective at restoring collagen production and reducing the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, but it can sometimes cause sensitivity.…

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The best way to add vitamin A to your skincare routine answered by Medik8’s Glob...

The perfect routine using vitamin A (Retinol)

Here at Medik8, our skin ageing philosophy is simple: vitamin C and sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. These two ingredients work synergistically to promote optimal skin health. In the evening, vitamin A stimulates cellular regeneration and corrects signs of ageing. In the morning, vitamin C and sunscreen help…

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