Medik8 MoisturisersProfessional strength products formulated to hydr8 the four main skin types. Hydrating range from combination to mature skin types, fantastic addition to your AM / PM regimes.

At night, use our Resveratrol and Beta Glucan version to intensively rejuvenate photodamaged skin, renew skin texture and help to improve the appearance of tired skin while you sleep.

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Medik8 Glow Oil

Glow Oil

49.00 (30ml)

An ultra silky, dry facial oil

  • Hydrates dry skin & helps increase elasticity and density

  • Improves radiance and brightens complexion

  • Elegant blend of natural oils that restore, hydrate and nourish the skin

  • Omega 3 & Omega 6 oils help to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage

  • Minimises the visible signs of skin ageing

Medik8 Hydr8 Day 360 Ultra - SPF30
SPF 30

Hydr8™ Day 360 Ultra

69.00 (50ml)

A powerful daily moisturiser with anti-pollution shield and SPF protection

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  • Tackles advanced glycation end-products

  • Protects against free-radical damage

  • Very rich moisturising characteristics

  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen protection

  • All new anti-pollution formula with improved even richer texture

Medik8 Hydr8 Day 360 - SPF 15 Out Of Stock
SPF 15

Hydr8™ Day 360

69.00 (50ml)

Anti-A.G.E. moisturiser with sun protection

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  • Helps prevent lines and wrinkles from photoaging

  • Protects against free radicals and AGE

  • Fast absorbing yet deeply moisturising

  • 5* UVA and Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection

Medik8 beta Moisturise Out Of Stock

beta Moisturise™

49.00 (50ml)

Oil-free pore minimising moisturiser

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  • Continuous hydration without clogging pores

  • Mattifying base for a shine-free complexion

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Encourages cell regeneration and repair

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Medik8 Redness Corrector

Redness Corrector

76.00 (50ml)

Intensive skin relief moisturiser for redness-prone skin

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  • Instantly conceals redness with green mineral pigments

  • Interrupts the inflammation cascade

  • Regulates blood flow

  • Reduces the formation of new capillaries

  • Protects the skin from environmental damage

  • Reduces the skin’s reactivity to external irritants

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Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Out Of Stock

Ultimate Recovery

44.00 (30ml)

An intensive post-treatment moisturiser that speeds up the skin recovery process

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  • Improves the feeling of skin density

  • Perfect for daily use by those with very dry skin

  • Speeds up the natural skin healing process

  • Reduces redness, irritation and skin discomfort

  • Perfect post treatment eg. peels, needling, laser

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Medik8 Hydr8 Night Out Of Stock

Hydr8™ Night

49.00 (50ml)

Rich anti-ageing night cream

  • Improves the feeling of skin density

  • Delivers potent antioxidant properties

  • Helps restore suppleness and smooth feel

  • Eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin

  • Brightens pigmentation marks

  • Eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin

Medik8 Hydr8™ B5 Hand Cream

Hydr8 B5 Hand Cream

29.00 (60 ml)

Protective hand cream combining both broad spectrum SPF 25 and anti-pollution

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  • Effectively shields against airborne pollutants

  • Broad spectrum SPF 25 sun protection

  • Protects against free radical damage

  • Multi-level hydration from Medik8’s signature Hydr8™ B5 Rehydration Technology

  • Fast-absorbing formula prevents greasy after-feel and leaves hands soft

  • Light citrus aroma provides an uplifting sensory experience