Clinical Studies

Original Research

Medik8 is a cosmeceutical skincare brand. As such, we use only the best active ingredients in our formulations. Within the scope of a cosmetic formulatory, we subject these actives to a rigorous testing process before putting them anywhere near anyone’s skin.


All active ingredients we use must have data backing their effectiveness and/or be clinically tested and often backed up by original research in order for us to consider using them in a formulation. Of course, our ethical and eco values are never overlooked during these testing produces - we only use in-vitro tests or work with our human 'consumer feedback' volunteers (for things like irritation, texture, fragrance etc.), so you can rest assured that your Medik8 products have never been tested on animals.

The formulation process begins with extensive market research. Our formulators use this research to pull together the ingredients they want to include in the product. They study its claims, regulations and research to prove its effect. The formulators then make version 1 of the product and begin consumer testing. After initial consumer feedback, the formulators keep improving the product until it meets all of our specifications and expectations. This process of testing and reformulating can take months on end until we find the perfect solution. It would probably make smarter business sense to release products quicker, but just can’t produce second rate or ‘good enough’ - it’s just not in our cultural DNA.

Once the product has been finalised, it undergoes at least 3 months of stability testing under various market conditions; checking it is fit for market. Depending on the type of formulation, it may also be sent for additional external testing to ensure it meets all of our requirements.


When the product has passed all stability testing, we often hold clinical studies at our labs in the UK in order to assess the final formulation’s action within human skin. Often these involve taking before and after images as well as including questionnaires to the participants about their enjoyment and experience with the product. As a result, we find real evidence that our products will provide the desired results we strive for. Findings of our clinical studies represent how products will perform in the real world, during professional treatments and at home.

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