NEW Oxy-R Peptides™

Discover supercharged oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R). For the first time ever, stabilised at 1% and combined with twin brightening peptides.


Oxy-R Peptides™

Uneven Skin Tone? We've Got You

Introducing our targeted solution to hyperpigmentation, new to the peptide family. Oxyresveratrol (Oxy-R) is a gold-standard hyperpigmentation ingredient, stabilised in a Medik8 patented system, at our highest ever dose of 1%.

Incredible Brightening Results

The silky formula is designed to address uneven skin tone, improve the appearance of visible age spots and visibly minimise anti-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from blemishes.

CSA Booster

Oxy-R Peptides can be used morning and night, to enhance the overall brightening benefits of vitamin C, sunscreen and vitamin A products.


Inside Oxy-R Peptides™
Our Triple Threat To Hyperpigmentation

Oxy-R Peptides offers a triple-threat to hyperpigmentation. It combines twin brightening peptides alongside the hero ingredient; Oxyresveratrol.


Tetrapeptide-30 works to help block the overproduction of pigment that can lead to visible discolourations and uneven skin tone.

Acetyl glycyl beta-alanine

While acetyl glycyl beta-alanine works to help stop localised areas of pigment from appearing on the skin.


Combining Oxyresveratrol, a gold-standard brightening agent at a previously untouched concentration of 1%, to target areas of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and improve skin tone.


Tried, Tested, Loved - On All Skin Types

*Proven via an Independent Consumer Study
Tested over 4 weeks on 50 participants aged 35-70 with hyperpigmentation skin concerns

Oxy-R Peptides™
Complementary to Even Peel

Enjoy Oxy-R Peptides™ at home and an Even Peel course in clinic for accelerated hyperpigmentation results.

A perfect pair. Ask your Medik8 professional today.