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Medik8 is a dedicated professional-led skincare brand and we believe you will best achieve your desired results by visiting your local authorised Medik8 skincare centre for regular professional treatments. Then following their advice, continue at home with a tailor-made regime of Medik8 products to optimise results.

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Not only will you receive a well-earned beautiful pampering experience, but registered Medik8 professionals will give you expert advice tailored to your specific skincare concerns. With an extensive treatment repertoire from youth-enhancing facials, indulgent eye rituals and renewing body treatments to doctor-grade peels, there is a treatment for everyone.

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Facials vs Peels

Any Medik8 treatment, facial or peel, utilises our best technology. Not just proven actives for visible skin improvements, but also a sensorial experience. However there are some differences - a bit like weight-training is different to cardio exercise. There is no reason you cannot mix them up based on the outcomes you want and your lifestyle at the time.

Characteristics of Medik8 Peels

Unparalleled results

Long-term visible improvements

Optimal skin health

Low downtime (time-release)

Tailored for your skin goals

Progressive & cumulative results

Mono or blended peel formulas

Designed for use with modalities

Characteristics of Medik8 Facials

Immediate glowing results

Pampering, with results

Proven researched ingredients

Perfect for lunch break / holiday

Ultra luxurious experience

Single or part of course

Negligible risk of any downtime

CSA built-in to every facial

CSA In Every Treatment

It's not over yet. Medik8 are the CSA people and that doesn't change for our professional treatments. Ah, I hear you say. Isn't most vitamin A only supposed to be applied at night? That's correct. This is why every treatment includes vitamin C and Sunscreen in-clinic, and the last vitamin A step of your treatment is performed by you at home. You will leave the clinic with a sachet of either Intelligent Retinol 3TR or Crystal Retinal 3 (depending on your treatment and therapist recommendation). Don't forget to apply.

Common Treatment Questions

Here are the most common questions we are asked related to Medik8 In-Clinic Treatments. Please get in touch if you have any other query that is not covered. We have specially trained advisers ready to help. If you prefer to phone, please see our contact us page for details.

What is Professional Skincare?

Medik8 is a professional-led skincare brand. This means we are sold predominantly by trained professionals through outlets such as doctors’ offices, medical and premium spas, skin clinics and salons, as well as some premium pharmacies and specialist websites.

Led By Professionals

It is important to us that we remain a professional-led brand, as we use high strength actives and clinically proven ingredients to provide you with amazing results. We believe that to truly provide the very best personal recommendations, requires a personalised skincare analysis with a trained professional or by getting help and advice through hand-picked websites with a professional bias. We will accept nothing less.

In our experience, retail skincare brands tend to have relatively high price tags with beautiful packaging and fragrance but with limited ingredient activity which is just not good enough for us. To be even-handed, many other professional brands lack the consumer appeal of popular brands you can find in the department store. Medik8’s professional skincare line strives to deliver it all: results, professional advice, beautiful packaging, lovely fragrances and textures. Why choose between experience and results, when you can have it all with Medik8?

Why do I need a professional skin therapist?

For the same reasons you visit a dentist or a doctor - qualified and trained skin therapists have expertise in providing tailored recommendations to achieve better skin health. Medik8 treatments are available only through trained professionals. Medik8 registered therapists are intensely educated in basic skin physiology and can successfully analyse your skin and deliver real, visible results with the products and treatments they recommend.

How do we train our therapists?

All training and education starts in our head office in the UK with our Education team. The Education team train the trainers and therapists from around the world via classes, events and webinars. The trainers can then teach therapists in their own countries about Medik8 products and protocols. All Medik8 stockists have to be trained in order to sell Medik8. This means they have attended training and passed assessments so you can be sure to receive the best service possible.

What is 12 Weeks To Wow?

In a nutshell, it's personal training for your skin. Meet bi-weekly with your very own Medik8 professional therapist who will guide you through 12 weeks of transformative professional peels delivered in-clinic plus beautiful Medik8 at-home care to reveal beautifully transformed skin. We take all the legwork out of it - it's just like seeing a Personal Trainer at the gym. But for your skin. You can read more about the programme here or sign up to find out more. Check out #Medik8WOW on Instagram to see the latest transformations from around the world.

The Medik8 Difference

Proven Science

Medik8 has been a leading professional skincare brand since 2009, so put simply: we know which ingredients work. We are inventors of the CSA Philosophy: vitamin C followed by Sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. These are the ingredients that have been proven to work across hundreds of studies published in world-renowned skincare and dermatology papers and journals the world over. For us, the evidence is irrefutable.

Better Formulas

Identifying the right ingredients is 1 thing, but making them work their absolute best in the skin is a whole other ballgame. That's where our incredible, award-winning and patent-holding team of on-site scientists come into their own. As everything is done in-house by us, we know the origin of all our ingredients, blend them in our on-site production facility and finally package and despatch them all ourselves too. Call us cynical, but we just don't trust anyone else to do it for us. This way, we can stand behind all our products knowing they're the best they can possibly be.

Stability Stability Stability

We can't say it often enough. Using the right ingredients just won't do, unless you can stabilise them. This means the active ingredients remaining at their freshest and most potent throughout the period after opening. Did you know we actively test all of our vitamin A products to ensure the same % of active we know is there at day 1 is there when you use the very last application? Ask another skincare brand if they do the same. You're likely to get a very different answer.

Best of the Best Therapists

Not only are our retail products first class, but our in-clinic experience is top-notch too. Highly trained skincare practitioners and therapists choose to stock Medik8 in their clinics because they want the very best. In return, we ensure the incredible professionals delivering our professional treatments throughout the world are trained meticulously in Medik8's protocols and techniques to ensure every experience you have is truly memorable. Read more about how we train our industry-leading therapist community here.

An Anti-Ageing Brand That Thinks Like A Natural Brand

Often you have to make a compromise between either a professional skincare brand with results or a natural brand with ethically, well-sourced ingredients that cares for the environment. With Medik8, again you can have both. Our professional range plastic bottles are housed in 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material. This is basically plastic that used to be something else; like a milk or drinks carton. All of the pumps and caps we use on the professional side are entirely recyclable and also made of 100% PCR. From July 2019, all of our products became 100% vegan-friendly. But we haven't stopped there.

Sustainability That Isn't Just Lip Service

Our sustainability crusade is not just greenwashing. We are fully committed to improving our position month on month, year on year. You can track our progress here . All our glass is made of 40% recycled material but we are searching for more (40% is considered the industry 'maximum' but for us, it's just not good enough. We are working with suppliers to see how we can improve on this.) We will update our dashboards as we make progress on these initiatives so do pop back and chart our improvements. We also strive to be environmentally friendly in everything we do. For example, we have removed 3 tonnes of plastic from our packaging in 2018 and all our cartons are made of FSC paper and are fully recyclable and biodegradable. We even print with vegetable ink. Our ultimate mission? To be known as 'the world's most sustainable professional-led skincare brand'.

Medik8 Therapist Training

At Medik8, we believe that true skin health starts with clinical treatments. When expert analysis is combined with professional treatments, the results are pronounced. When professional recommendation is followed with advanced homecare, those results become long-lasting.

Our Approach

Since our launch in 2009, we have made it our mission to outline the most efficient path to skin health for every single client. To this day, that journey has always started with you, our customer.

Our comprehensive education programme is designed to enhance therapists' existing skills. Through a series of courses, many held at our dedicated training facility in the UK, they constantly build upon their current repertoire; studying advanced protocols and innovative techniques as they work towards gaining the coveted status of a 'Medik8 Skincare Professional'. This certification is not just an indication of their knowledge, but a universal recognition of their ability to administer treatments that meet the high, results-driven standards of the Medik8 brand.

This ensures that you receive the same high quality treatment in the UK as in Australia as in the Netherlands.

We are truly global in our approach, with a commitment to continuous learning that comes through in the professionalism and care you receive each time you visit one of our official stockists. Have you had the pleasure yet?

Homecare After Treatments

In the same way, you can't rely on personal training alone to get fit and healthy; you need to look at what you're doing on a daily basis too ie diet. That's why the combination of both at home skincare and in-clinic treatments will give you the quickest, most noticeable results and help you retain them for longer too.

That's why we invented our CSA Philosophy - vitamin C followed by sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. It's the best way to get the skin you've always wanted and runs through our homecare products as well as all of our professional treatments. Read more about our philosophy here or get started with one of pre-selected CSA kits here.

Find a Local Clinic

When we say we're working on a global stockist and clinic location system, we mean it. It is a very active project and we will have an update soon. In the meantime, please complete our contact us form to find Medik8 in your neighbourhood.