Have purpose. Love your job.

You spend 1/3 of your life at work. Make it the best time of your life. Time to learn, explore, develop yourself. Make new friends and do something special. Check out the available roles.

Available roles

Hybrid Working

We are in the process of updating to reflect the post-Covid hybrid model we are trialing for many roles. In the meantime, please contact our HR manager about the plan for future work culture at Medik8.

Work Culture

We have a rich and distinct culture that sets us apart from ordinary companies. We foster innovation and celebrate highly-driven & super-loyal people. We are full of amazing ideas and positively embrace change. Our teams enjoy the challenges, satisfaction and rewards that come with getting things done to very high standards.

From Glassdoor

Production Quality Controller

"It is great place to work, offered me huge opportunity, our culture manager is great, always there to listen. The leadership team is also great and will support you in career development."

Marketing Executive

"A great working environment with driven employees all trying to achieve the same objectives. Superb culture as we participate in 4 synergy events per year including payday events. Hands on senior management."

Your Attitude


So you are the type of person who gets on with stuff without micro-managing. Yet have the presence of mind not to just jump headlong into things without checking. That balance is the key to becoming a Medik8 Star.

Problem solving

Thinking philosophically, the ability to solve problems quickly and elegantly is what gives us the edge over our competitors. Same is true of people. We expect Medik8 People to think clearly and be open to ideas & experience.

Big stuff

Be part of something important. The stuff dreams are made of. We exist to produce the best and think differently to the giant corporations. We only get involved if we think it could be a game-changer. Are you ready?

Your Skills

Team work

True team work. A common goal. United front. Feel part of something bigger than yourself. Feel what it's like to have amazing colleagues value the ethics and skills you share with them. Be a go-giver.


They say don't re-invent the wheel! Why? You can make it lighter, stronger, safer, more reliable, better to look at. You can design out cost and source more ethically. In fact, there is quite a lot you can do to improve a wheel.


Did you know that diverse teams are good for business? According to McKinsey research, ethnic and gender diversity improves company performance by 35%. At Medik8, we have people from over 40 countries.

Our Values

Think high-level

Clarity of purpose. Focus on the objective. Politics is a waste of energy. Thinking at the high level means you don't let petty things get in the way of the big picture. We like getting on with things and are not afraid of feedback.


Like Grandad said 'Measure twice, cut once'. He actually did say that - thanks Syd. Life is so much easier for customers, suppliers, your colleagues and yourselves when things are done with precision and accuracy.


We started in a 'shed'. Well the back room of a pharmacy belonging to the founder's father. We are a family business at heart. We have family values. Dive in and we will support and nurture you no end.

Did we match?

Meet Ayan, Paola, Denise and Nicola - our fabulous HR team


Get the Pangaea lifestyle

You will get to work on exciting and demanding projects at every level in the business. We believe that everyone, deep-down, wants to give their best in life. To do something they can be proud of at work. To work with like-minded people. That is the core of our hiring culture. (I guess it helps that our brands are super-slick category leaders).

All staff will enjoy* this awesome work environment Start Monday at 9.30am. End Friday at 4.30pm. Otherwise 9am to 5.30pm.


Upto 75% Product Discount
Daily Fruit & Healthy Snacks
Workplace social network
Get your Amazon deliveries here
Test out new Medik8 products for free
Fun Quarterly Team Days
Payday 1 hour flash events
We support your charities


Starbucks on-site
Gym, Sauna & Pool on-site
Pub with Live Football on-site
Italian Restaurant on-site
HOB Salon on-site
Village Hotel on-site
Subway & Bakery 100m away
Picnic tables on grass for Summer


Fast Computers
Two screens for All
We do everything Google
Ludicrous Internet Speed
WiFi for your phones/tablets
Headphones & Spotify encouraged
Clean & Organised environment
Clean desks & personal lockers
£1.5m Office refit in August 2017

Loyalty Benefits

We want you to share our goals and achieve your dreams. With loyalty comes rewards*

White Badges

Induction gift pack

Red Badges

Years 1 & 2
£250 Badge Bonus
-25% on BUPA
Annual Leave (AL): 23 Days
£100 product allowance per year
Birthday Lay-in
Sports 50% contribution (up to £30/mo.)

Green Badges

Year 3
£500 Badge Bonus
Now -50% on BUPA
All Red benefits, plus:
+1 Day AL (Total 24 days)

Orange Badges

Years 4 & 5
£1750 Badge Bonus
Now Free BUPA
All Green benefits, plus:
+1 Day AL (Total 25 days)
Now £150 product allowance per year

Blue Badges

Years 6 & 7
£2500 Badge Bonus
All Orange benefits, plus:
+2 Day AL (Total 27 days)
Sports Full Cover (up to £60/mo.)
Now £200 product allowance per year

Black Badges

Pangaea Lifers
£4000 Badge Bonus
£1000 Top-up Bonus every Year
Now Free BUPA for Family
All Blue benefits, plus:
+3 Day AL (Total 30 days)
Engraved Surprise Luxury Gift

* Subject to the terms and conditions of employment and the employee handbook. Benefits, work environment and campus facilities can be changed from time to time. This is particularly relevant during "Covid Secure" restrictions.