Medik8® Skincare & Treatments

Award-winning global skincare brand, sold only by skincare experts

Trusted by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists & Skin Professionals around the world for...


Skin Ageing

A complete range of advanced skincare & treatments designed to effectively target all signs of ageing for visibly younger looking skin.

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A range of effective skincare & treatments that target all pigmentation concerns: dark/brown spots, freckles, melasma…

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Acne & Blemishes

A combined treatment approach aimed at reducing all signs of acne in both teenager and adult skin for clearer looking skin.

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Intense, instant and long lasting hydration for dehydrated, dry and very dry skin.

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Hyper Sensitive skin, rosacea, broken capillaries & threads veins are all targeted by our range of products & treatments.

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Medical grade range of facials and body treatments, peels and skin needling for all skin types and all skin concerns.

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Medik8® Skincare Biotechnology

Researched by Scientists; Dispensed by Skincare Experts; Recommended by Friends

Medik8 is dedicated to producing high quality skincare products and treatments with the best ingredients at the right strengths, and with a proven track record. The Medik8 range has tailored lines for specific skin solutions.

You may have heard of the term ‘professional’ products. This essentially means that the products are sold through professional outlets such as doctor’s offices, skincare clinics, medical and premium spas that deal with professional brands. Medik8 is a dedicated professional-only brand.

Medik8’s team represents over 40 years combined experience in skincare research and product formulation.

At Medik8’s core is a mantra to produce the world-leading results-focused skincare and treatments, surpassed by nothing else.

About Medik8 Skincare

Medik8: Medical-grade Skincare & Treatments

Pioneering Results-based Products & Treatments

Medik8 is an award-winning global skincare brand, sold exclusively by skincare experts. Medik8 introduces a refreshing clinical and scientific approach to skincare, pioneering the trend for results-based products.

Elliot Isaacs (Pharmacologist and Founder) wanted to bring the science of drug development into cosmetics, where delivering stable, non-irritating active ingredients to the skin is the rule not the exception; where new green technologies replace outdated thinking; and where skincare results are expected.

Medik8 believes in solutions, with products specifically formulated to target: skin-ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness. Each innovative product is developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in London, UK. Medik8’s philosophy insists upon laboratory blending small batches by hand to ensure freshness and potency of actives.

This unique approach earns Medik8 recommendations from leading Doctors, Dermatologists, Nurses and Therapists around the world.

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