A small brown bottle labeled "Medik8 Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size)" with a black dropper top is standing next to the product's white packaging box featuring the same labels. This advanced serum incorporates Time Release Technology for optimal skin absorption, all on a plain surface.
A small brown bottle labeled "Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size)," by Medik8, featuring Time Release Technology, with a black dropper cap, stands on a gray surface against a plain white background.
Grey image showcasing "Medik8 Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size)" text alongside a chemical structure, detailing a retinol serum product. Contains climbazole and uses Time Release Technology, available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.0% strengths for nighttime use.
A hand holding a dropper releases serum into another open hand with text reading "Apply 4 drops of Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size) by Medik8, utilizing Time Release Technology.
A dropper with clear serum lies on a white surface, with several drops of Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size) by Medik8 next to it.

Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size)

Supercharged Vitamin A Serum

Intelligent Retinol™ 3TR (Travel Size)

There’s retinol, and then there’s Intelligent Retinol. With supercharged retinol activity whilst remaining gentle on the skin, this performance-enhanced vitamin A serum is available in 3 strengths.

The lightweight yet moisturising, squalane-based serum is supercharged with retinol-booster climbazole to keep it working for longer; enhancing the anti-ageing results.
Over time, the complexion is left visibly youthful, bright and smooth, with an improved look of firmness.
Retinol (vitamin A), Climbazole, Squalane & Vitamin E
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Tried and tested retinol, but with a Medik8 twist. A performance-enhanced serum with Time Release Technology, available in 3 progressive strengths.