We're dedicated to sustainability and have created a range of high-quality, eco-friendly accessories to help you get the most out of your skincare products. These accessories will help make your vegan skincare products last longer.
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A metallic keychain with "Medik8" written on the round, black head, placed upright on a gray surface against a white background, perfect for pairing with your **Medik8 Medik8 Tube Squeezer** to prevent product wastage in your favorite creams and serums.
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Medik8 Tube Squeezer

Help prevent product wastage

40x100x9.6mm / €5

A black Medik8 Blender Sponge sits next to a white box labeled "Medik8," perfect for seamless makeup application and pairing with Medik8 SPF products.
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Medik8 Blender Sponge

Branded blender sponge

80x120x40mm / €7

A **Medik8 Metal Spatula** with "Medik8" etched on it, resting on a smooth, flat surface against a white background.
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Medik8 Metal Spatula

Reusable branded metal spatula

30.5x72x2.5mm / €5

Medik8 Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads
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Bamboo Cotton Pads

No more disposable cotton pads

16 pads in mesh bag / €16