Help activating your account

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Help activating your account

How to activate your account

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Great news, we have updated our website and we are now on a new platform. Faster and much easier to use.

We have automatically migrated your account across, but for security reasons we are unable to migrate your password as it was stored in an encrypted format and thus unreadable to us (that's how it should be!)

Therefore, to access your existing account with all your order history we need you to "activate" your new account which we have created for you.

So simple, this will literally take you seconds. Here's a quick guide.

Let's start

Check your inbox. Locate the email from Medik8 as below. And simply click the "Reset Here" button on the email. This will open the new website.

Now enter a new password (or the same one as before if you wish), confirm it and then click "Activate"

That's it - you should see the screen below with your orders filled in (if any).

Hope you enjoy the new website x

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