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Crystal Retinal 20

When can I move up to CR20 on the Crystal Retinal Ladder?

You should be comfortably using Crystal Retinal 10 every night for 3 months or completed 2 full tubes (whichever comes sooner) before you consider moving up, so your skin can build up an advanced tolerance to high concentrations of retinal.

Do I have to phase in Crystal Retinal 20 if I am moving up from CR10?

As a general rule, there is no need to phase in use again as your skin is used to this molecule. 

However, we advise to closely monitor your skin during the first 2 weeks of using Crystal Retinal 20. Slight tingling is normal with this powerful formula, however if you feel any sensitivity as you move up, please reduce how much product you apply nightly or apply every other night to begin with. Low and slow is our advice.

Where can I buy CR20?

Crystal Retinal 20 is exclusively available through a professional recommendation, face to face (where safe to do so), via e-consultation or telephone consultation. For more information see here.

It will not be sold online, through, e-tailers, or skin clinics' websites.

Why is it PRO only?

While still a cosmetic product that does not require a prescription or thorough facial consultation, CR20 is our most powerful retinal serum therefore in-clinic is the ideal environment to purchase.

Medik8 professionals will be on hand to help advise on CR20 via telephone, e-consultation, as well as face to face (where it is safe to do so) and can expertly recommend suitable regimes.

This makes for a more personal and tailored experience for our most dedicated customers.