H.E.O.® Framework

Our simple theory to creating the ultimate moisturisers is called H.E.O. We tackle both dehydrated and dry skin head on with our smart formulations; feeding skin with moisture and blocking water loss. You'd be forgiven for thinking that all bases are the same when it comes to moisturising but this is not correct. At Medik8 we use our trademark H.E.O. framework to define the correct ratios of these key building blocks.


With a natural affinity for water molecules, hydrators act like a magnet drawing H2O to themselves. Not only can they draw water upwards from the lower layers of the skin to the dehydrated upper layers, but they can also grab onto water molecules from the air and lock them tight into the skin. Water is an essential in all of the skin’s functions; it mediates reactions, helps with enzymes and plays a huge role in wound healing. Look out for excellent hydrators such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin in our formulas. These skin-loving actives latch onto water molecules and lock them in tight. Best-selling Hydr8 B5™ is packed full of water-magnet hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and nourish throughout the layers of the skin.


The upper layers of our skin are made up of skin cells in a sea of lipids – oil-soluble molecules that help to protect our complexion from irritants and losing water. A lack of skin lipids can cause an impaired barrier which leads to a multitude of problems including dry, flaky skin. Emollients such as squalane and ceramides are skin-identical lipids which means they naturally occur within the skin. Therefore they can slip straight into the skin’s protective barrier to reinforce it. This means less water can escape from the skin, and the condition of the complexion is hugely improved. Advanced Night Restore includes a big hit of emollients, as well as ceramides to restore lipid balance for healthy skin.


The skin’s protective barrier sometimes needs an extra layer of reinforcement. That’s where occlusives come in. Large molecules which cannot penetrate the skin sit on top of the complexion and provide a physical barrier between the skin and the environment. This helps to block water loss and keep that moisture locked in tight. Larger weights of hyaluronic acid can perform as an occlusive (which is why Hydr8 B5™ utilises multi-weight hyaluronic acid). They form a water reservoir on the surface of the skin to not only block water loss but also feed the complexion with hydration.