The Peptides Family

Peptides might be in the spotlight for their incredible collagen-boosting powers, but they can do so much more for your skin. Each peptide has a different action on the skin to target particular concerns. Not just ageing, but also for tackling skin dullness, hyperpigmentation, anti-glycation and more! At Medik8, we wanted to harness the broad range of different peptide powers in our expanding Peptides Family. Like any family member, these are all individual products in their own right and have their own unique benefits. Now with the latest family addition, Bakuchiol Peptides, each member can be used to perfectly complement your CSA regime. Either alone or in conjunction with one another, the choice is yours.

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Role: Heart of the Family Duty: The dual-chambered serum delivers superior antioxidant protection Skills: Support collagen and elastin production Goal: Recharge and energise skin SHOP NOW


Role: The Timeless Beauty Duty: Highly advanced, it uses drone-based delivery to precisely place each peptide Skills: Fight expression lines and wrinkles Goal: Rejuvenate skin SHOP NOW


Role: The Supportive One Duty: The clear-minded one that calms any aggressive behaviour Skill: Soothes redness and blemishes Goal: Achieve visibly perfected, luminous skin SHOP NOW


Role: The Perky One Duty: Always firm yet lifts you up when you are down Skills: Boost collagen and reduces puffiness Goal: Create an immediate well-rested look SHOP NOW


Role: The Newbie Duty: The newest member, brightens up the day and night of any mum or mum to be Skills: Minimise fine lines and wrinkles Goal: Promote a more youthful complexion SHOP NOW