Gentle Cleanse by Medik8. A Hydrating Rosemary Foam.
Gentle Cleanse by Medik8. A Hydrating Rosemary Foam.
A bottle of Medik8 Gentle Cleanse™ next to a rosemary sprig and a dollop of the foam on a light green background, perfect for dissolving make-up while maintaining your skin's moisture levels.
A bottle of Medik8 Gentle Cleanse™ Hydrating Rosemary Foam, 40mL, effortlessly removes dirt while maintaining moisture levels. It features a white label and clear cap, placed on a grey surface against a pristine white background.

Gentle Cleanse™

Hydrating Rosemary Foam

150mL / 40ml
Gentle Cleanse™

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An ultra-gentle foaming cleanser that is designed to keep the most sensitive of skins comfortable during an effective cleansing ritual.

The Medik8 cleanser for very sensitive skins. Gentle Cleanse features mild cleansing agents plus sensitive-friendly ingredients, optimised for gentle cleansing power.
The lightweight foam leaves skin feeling totally refreshed, hydrated and soft-to-the-touch.
Rosemary Leaf Oil & Glycerin
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Wash away dirt, make-up and impurities, without unbalancing the skin’s delicate moisture levels.